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PT YKK AP Indonesia

Industry: Manufacturing
Company Segment: SMB


Business Objective

  • Too many Silo Applications that affect the inaccuracy of transactions data (applications not integrated).

  • Unnecessary & redundant business/operational flows.

  • Difficult in maintaining the healthy safety stock across outlets.

  • Difficult in capturing Profit & Loss Reports per each entity, brand, region, and project.

  • Too much administrative work because of the manual process, affects the employees’ productivity.


  • Plan and design Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Cloud solutions, by migrating on-premises running platforms to the cloud in an effort to streamline the operational chain.

  • The implementation includes adding features and strengthening the security side of the cloud.

Project Goals

  • Real-time visibility of KPIs across divisions through BI function.

  • Accurate transaction data through integration via ION.

  • Accurate forecasts that make the Supply Chain Flow (PO, GR, Production, QC, Distribution) more efficient.

  • Help in providing accurate analysis for new outlets expansion.

  • Most of the employees can be allocated to focus on more strategic work because the manual process has been eliminated due to the new system.

  • Using the Project Management Module can maintain the cost and budget for music events & opening new outlets.

  • Analyzing Customer behavior using big data to assist the C-Level decision-making process.

About YKK AP Indonesia

YKK AP Indonesia provides and supports architectural products such as windows to meet customer demands in Indonesia, as well as carrying out various business activities rooted in the community.

YKK AP Indonesia's main products include; Windows, Doors, Curtain walls, and Unitized Curtain walls made of aluminum. Aluminum profiles for architectural buildings and industrial products.

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