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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Maximize financial

visibility and profitability

Monitor performance in real-time, predict future outcomes and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

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Drive strategic financial 
Assess the health of your business, improve financial controls, optimize cash flow, and make strategic decisions faster to drive growth

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Automate your financial processes
Provides a high-level view of key business metrics in tracking transactions to monitor the health of your business

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Reduce operational expenses
Minimize costs and optimize spending across business geographies with process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis.

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Decrease global financial complexity and risk
Quickly adapt to changing local and global financial requirements allowing you to easily and accurately manage your financial operations.

Dynamics 365 Finance Capabilities

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Drive strategic financial decisions with AI

Close books faster and simplify global financial management

with lead and opportunity scoring based on advanced scoring models to identify customers most likely to convert and buy. ​

Increase profits and improve cash flow with machine learning predictive recommendations and proactive guidance for timely customer payments.

Unify and automate your business processes

  • Get more done with role-based workspaces, Office 365 integration, and predictive insights that let you automate and prioritize fiscal tasks.

  • Customize documents such as invoices and statements to easily adapt to changing business requirements with Office 365 templates.

  • Thrive in a subscription-based economy with automated recurring billing to easily adapt to new revenue recognition standards, reduce audit costs, and accurately calculate and report your financial statements.

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Have a strategic impact and reduce costs

Efficiently managing your growing business

Deploy new subsidiaries or product lines in record time. Copy an existing legal entity’s setup to a new entity with onboarding that’s quick, cost-effective, and consistent with the company’s best practices.

Increase workforce productivity

Automate menial tasks and prioritize impactful financial work with a solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and offers role-based workspaces and predictive insights.

Thrive in a subscription-based economy

Take advantage of automated recurring billing to easily adapt to new revenue recognition standards, reduce audit costs, and accurately calculate and report your financial statements.

Decrease global financial complexity and risk

  • Take advantage of a guided, rules-based chart of accounts and no-code/low-code globalization services to simplify tax calculation, electronic invoicing, regulatory reporting, and global payments.

  • Create configurable business documents with Microsoft 365 templates. Easily adapt to changing business and legal requirements without the need for expensive, time-consuming, and rigid code changes.

  • Use a no-code, flexible tax-determination matrix and configurable tax-calculation designer to comply with local tax regulations across all your legal entities.

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Optimise your financial operations

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WCS is experienced and trusted in implementing correctly and efficiently.

Why should partner with
PT. Wahana Ciptasinatria (WCS)?

We are a Business Solution Division
Wahana Ciptasinatria (WCS) is a business solution, IT solution, ERP company established in 1995 as one of five business units under the Cormic Technology Group of Companies, providing End to End IT Solutions to corporate customers in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jakarta with Office branches in Surabaya and Bandung,

One of the best ERP System partners of Microsoft

Approximately 220 employees, covering sales, customer success, technology specialists, and consulting

More than 150 successful projects in Indonesia, both enterprises and SMBs

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