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Great Plan is a software that can make your planning process well structured. Great Plan can Define project resource/capacity planning with standard work breakdown structure feature and integrated with cost breakdown structure as if the control budget not in detail level. Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operation, Great Plan can help you to deliver the project within time, cost and quality by connecting your budget, scheduled, and resources under one roof. Calculate and estimate actual cost against budget based on category using Cost to Complete Management.


Great Plan Cost-To-Complete Management, Cost Break Down

• Break-down your project cost by WBS task and task/category of cost items, expenses and hours.

• Manage cost-to-complete cost budgets by task level for the item, expenses and hours, or by category level with the cost split up in all the categories used the project.

Project Material Management

•  Great Plan allows you to add items and expense lines to tasks, to plan project material consumption and expenses, using standard Project forecast.

• Automatically keep track of any Master Planning generated planned order, PO and production orders, related to any task.

• Continuously adjust the requirement dates to task scheduling.

Project Reporting

• Role-based resource and capacity allocation

• This new way of managing the resource on your project makes it much simpler to assign and change resources or capacity. It uses a skill matrix to match up resources to roles and can suggest which resources would be the best to perform a certain role.

• Use of Earned Value and S-Curve analysis on projects to judge real-world performance.

Great Plan Project Quotation

• feature option for quoting fi­xed priced projects.

• Quote project by cost category for items, expense and hours, setting mark up and discount for each.

• It allows you to make multiple versions of your quote to fit with your customers.

• This feature also allows you to manage your project cash flow after you stated your projects and help you to compare the quoted price up against the budgeted and actual cost.

Great Plan Project change Order Management.

• Handle project change orders, from quotation, into planning and execution

• Change orders come if there any changing from the original quote.

• Change orders can be included or separated out when calculating cost-to-complete and overall performance numbers.

Great Plan Project Workspaces

• This feature especially targets the project manager or project cost control team.

• Monitor project cash flows and cash flow outlooks.

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